What is Cob?

There are many cob properties throughout the New Forest, in this article they are lovingly refferred to as 'Earth Buildings'.  They require specialist renovation and repair and suffer badly with modern building techniques. 

If you are contemplating repairs to a cob ...  or 'Earth Building'.....  it is essential that your builders understand what is involved.  

We have refurbished a number of cob properties throughout the New Forest and can offer valuable insight into the appropriate building techniques required to maintain them. John Nimenko has attended the lime centre in Winchester for specific training in cob restoration.

The first and most important thing to address is an understanding of the property and it's construction.  Restoration techniques will vary depending upon the make up of the building - this can vary greatly from one area to the next.  

A good starting point in understanding cob structure can be found here - 'Earth Buildings & their Repair'

If you are contemplating building works to a period property in the New Forest, cob in particular, call us for a no obligation estimate.  Restoration of cob properties is our speciality and we take great pride in their restoration.

New Forest District Council have also produced a really useful leaflet on the characteristics of cob buildings and problems associated with it's repair

 read it here  

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